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A few of our favourites

pulled pork.jpg

Sone's pulled pork

Lip-smacking deliciousness!

Sone’s Satay Chicken Wraps

Nuttin' but yum

hicken satay wrapa.jpg
baked fish.jpg

Sone’s Thai Baked Fish Parcels

Fresh and zingy for summer

Sone’s Secret Sauce Prawn Pizza

Deliciously mouth-watering...

satay shrimp pizza.jpg
spicy pork.jpg

Sone's Easy Pork Belly Salad

Melt in your mouth nosh for minimal effort

Thai Green Curry

Creamy, flavourful and warming

Sone's Sauces FB post.png

Sone's Larb salad

A flavourful delight

Recipes: Meet The Team

Serving suggestions

Transform your average meals and snacks into something special

avo dip_edited.jpg
avocado poached eggs.jpg
Satay skewers.png

Avocado dip

Mix with our spicy salad sauce and voilà!

Sone's poached eggs

A twist on a classic

Satay skewers

Fancy finger food

Recipes: Meet The Team
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