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Our Story

Fresh ingredients, endless opportunities

Sone’s Sauces is a humble, family-run business based in the heart of the Kapiti Coast.
After years of only sharing her delicious creations with family and friends, 2013 rolled around and Sone finally decided that the world was ready to be graced with the delicious flavours of her kitchen masterpieces.
Since then, she has built up a loyal customer base across New Zealand, people travel from far and wide to get their hands on a bottle of the homemade, all-natural sauces.
There is a lot of work put into each lovingly crafted batch that she creates, each herb peeled and chopped by hand, each lemon squeezed fresh from the tree, the tastes are closely monitored to make sure they’re no less than perfect, and then finally hand poured into each bottle, ready to dance across your lucky tastebuds.
Not only are the sauces delicious on their own, they are versatile and can be used to create any fail-proof dish within your own household or to entertain the taste palates of the masses.

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Image by Christian Wiediger
Image by Wendy Aros-Routman
Image by Conscious Design
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